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Elegant Custom Arches

We offer a Huge Selection of Window Arches to meet your Window Arch Decorating needs. Window Arches come in Stationary Arch, Blackout Arch, Sunburst Arch, Discount Arch, Eyebrow Arch, Half Circle Arch in Perfect Arches and Imperfect Arches, Circle Arch, Quarter Arches in Eyebrow and Quarter Circle, including Custom Wooden Arches. You can choose from Basswood, Faux Wood or PVC Arch Window Coverings. You can even get a Horizontal Slat Arch which leads the way in Discount Arches.

Custom Arches in a Variety of Styles

Stationary Arches
Stationary Window Arches are those that can be made out of any eDirectBlinds.com material. Select Basswood, Fauxwood or PVC for your Custom Window Arch Inside Mounts. Discount Window Arches such as the Stationary Wooden Arch is a great choice especially in the kids playroom, with a rustic window treatment, or if your looking for a natural or contemporary shutter arch appeal in window decorating, it's the perfect selection. Horizontal Arches add a nice appeal to any window.

Elegance Arches
Faux Wood Arches with Adjustable Slats in the Sunburst Arch (or Slatburst Arch) Style that mimic the wood arch. Arch Elegance is a stock arch for inside mounts.  Arch Elegance comes in Perfect Arch size only for Inside Mounts thus allowing for Discount Prices. One of the eDirectBlinds.com great buys in Discount Arches. Elegance Arches are for perfect Arches only.

Enchantment Wood Arches
The Enchantment Series are Custom Wood Arches made to your window shape to insure perfect fit. All Wooden Arches are made by computer and detailed by hand to insure a high quality Arch to enhance any Window Arch Treatment. Enchantment Wood Arches are mounted outside the window opening to the Sheetrock. These Arches are available in; Blackout Arches, Slatburst Arches, Operable Slatburst Arches and Glass Arches for your Arch Window Covering Decorating. The enchantment arch, which is an adjustable slat arch, will make a wonderful window arch covering for your home or office.

Elite Arches
The Elite Basswood Arch is a Movable Louvered Arch that fits Perfect Arch Measurements only. The Elite Arch comes in; Perfect Half Circle Arches, Perfect Quarter Arches, Eyebrow Arches and Quarter Eyebrow Arches. They have a conservative decorative molding and are one of our finest basswood arches for your Arch Window Treatments. The Elite Wood Arch is an Inside Mount, Custom Made Arch Window Covering.

Sunburst Arch
Arch Craftsmanship in Custom made Arches is the best definition for the Signature Arch Series. These Wood Arches, PVC Arches and Fauxwood Arches come in Sunburst Arches (half circle arches), Quarter Circle Arches, Eyebrow Arches, Imperfect Arches and Round Arches (Circle Arches). These Custom Wood Arches are made from your measurements and/or Templates. These are movable slat arches that open and close completely and ensure complete control of sunlight and assist in climate control. The Signature Arch Window Covering is eDirectBlinds.com Top of the Line in Custom Arches.

eDirectBlinds.com, located North of Houston, Texas in Old Town Spring, offers a wide selection of Factory Direct Custom Made Arches for your Arch Window Treatments. Our Arches come in PVC, Epoxy bonded wood and Basswood in a variety of colors and styles, which are made to your exact specifications.


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