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Inside Mount

Head Rail less ½”
Slats less ½”
Valance less 1/8”

Outside Mount

Head Rail Exact Size
Slats Exact Size
Valance width plus 1½”
Valance Returns - 3¼” with Spacer
Valance Returns - 2¾” without Spacer
2 inch Fauxwood Blinds That Look Great

Wood Blinds fall into two categories: hardwood blinds and faux wood blinds. eDirectBlinds.com offers Fauxwood blinds that are made to look like real wooden blinds so closely that it is almost impossible to tell the difference. Faux woods are made from high quality polyvinyl material. Faux wood Window Blinds are less likely to crack or warp compared to real wood blinds, and are recommended for high humidity climates and rooms that may be subject to humidity, such as kitchens and bathrooms. Fauxwood window blinds are very sturdy and will hold up better to the wear and tear of pets and kids. 2” Faux Wood Blinds are the most affordable way to create your window treatment and still get the effect of real wood blinds.

Our fauxwood blind come with a variety of standard and optional features such as a routeless design that prevents extra light from coming in thru the blinds, also giving total privacy. You may also complement your interior decorating with cloth tapes. We offer a wide range of decorative options to help you create a beautiful custom Fauxwood blinds.
Blind Colors Options & Prices
Tape Colors Additional Information

Standard Features on our Faux Wood Window Blinds
3¼” Crown Molded Decorative Valance
11 Different Colors
2 Different Textures
Trapezoid PVC Bottom rail
Head Rail - 2”x2” High Profile
Cord Tilt & Lift
Controls Mounted on sides or both controls mounted on left or right side
Color Coordinating Cords & Ladders
Tassels - Wood Bells
All the mounting hardware for a professional quality installation
Limited Lifetime Warranty

Minimum & Maximum Dimensions
9” Minimum Width for Standard Controls (on the sides)
7” Minimum width with Center Wand Tilt only (no Lift)
96” Maximum Width - 120” Maximum length
Valance Returns 2¾” Standard with a ¾” Minimum

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